Monday, April 1, 2013

Wampee Grand Reunion 2013 Photo Album

Hello Friends of Wampee:

The recent Wampee Grand Reunion 2013 was, by all accounts, an Astounding Success! Many of you were unable to attend, but you can still enjoy the Event by viewing all the wonderful photos taken at the Reunion. The picture below shows the 13 Team Members and 5 of the Special Contributors to the Reunion.

Photos - Be sure to read this first!

Photos are in 5 Sets to make Viewing and Copying much easier.  

You can not only View any or all of the photos, but also Download any photo or any Set of photos. Read the following to help you Navigate the Photo Page:

  •  Click on any Set, then Click on the 1st Picture.
  •  You can play Slideshow, letting it run automatically. You can also use the  Arrow Keys to go forward or back to a particular photo.
  •  Touching the ESC Key will close Full Screen.
  •  You can Click on View Folder to see All of the Photos in the Set.
  •  You can click on Folder Actions to download the entire Set to your computer - or just click on an individual picture and click on Download.
  •  Click the Back Button until you see View Folder to find the other Sets of Pictures. If all else fails, click ESC or come back to this page!

Tagging! - Tagging has been disabled to keep the Wampee Webmaster from answering endless requests. If you want to tag a photo, Download it to Facebook or Whatever and then you OWN it and have control of Tagging.

CLICK on the link below: (Remember the ESC key!)

→ Wampee Grand Reunion 2013 Photo Album